Episode 12

Thomas Jockin — Make it easier for people to say yes.

"The capacity to read particularly is not just a nice to have. It's actually a moral imperative. If we want people to be good in the world, this is a huge issue, especially for designers, especially in the type world, especially right. If there's any, if we can say there's any moral claim of what's good for us, (as type designer) is people being able to read."

In this episode, I speak with Thomas Jochin, founder, partner, adjunct lecturer, and practicing type designer. We chatted about how he was inspired by the power of the community to start a typographic meetup called Type Thursday. We also discuss his partnership with a fellow educator to tackle the daunting task of reading proficiency, and It has something to do with type.

Hope you enjoy our in-depth conversation.

People Mentioned:

Jessica Hische

Joshua Darden

Christian Schwartz 

Chester Jenkins

Matteo Bologna

Jeremy Mickel


Bonnie Shaver-Troup

Design recharge, Diane Gibbs


Nadine Chahine



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