Episode 31

The Journey of Racism Untaught (A Podcast Crossover)

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That’s my guests, Lisa Mercer and Terresa Moses, co-author of the Racism Untaught Book! Lisa Mercer is an associate professor at the University of Illinois, focusing on anti-racism work, and Terresa Moses is an assistant professor of graphic design at the University of Minnesota and is dedicated to black and brown people's liberation.

Lisa Mercer and Terresa Moses discuss their book "Racism Untaught" and the evolution of their framework for dismantling racism. They emphasize the importance of acknowledging space, time, and culture in their work, and the need for collective liberation. The book provides a toolkit for disrupting normative design practices and addresses the challenges of discussing racism and oppression in various contexts. The authors encourage readers to use the book as a starting point and to add their own perspectives and experiences to the conversation. The goal is to create inclusive outcomes and measure the impact of their work.

We are so glad to collaborate with RU and produce this podcast.



Key Takeaways

  • Racism Untaught provides a framework and toolkit for addressing racism in various contexts.
  • Acknowledging space, time, and culture is crucial in dismantling racism.
  • Discomfort and self-reflection are necessary for growth and change.
  • Collective liberation involves amplifying underrepresented voices and breaking down oppressive structures.


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