Episode 6

Clarity, Simplicity and Impact w/ Michael Braley


“The hard part is for some people is allowing themselves TO be that simple, and overcomplicate it, not more is better, but to overthink it … sometimes you’re just done, you have it. It might take five minutes or it might take 3 weeks—but just stop when you know you have it.”

— Michael Braley: Creative Director, Designer, Simplifier.

In this episode we talk to Michael Braley graphic designer with over 25 years of experience in branding and annual reports and most notably poster design. I catch up with him from Kentucky to discuss the power of research, discovery, and sometimes just to know the right time to finish that project.

During our chat, I learned a lot more than I knew before. His father, Richard Braley, designed the logo for Behr paint, he aspired to be in the same company as the co-workers at Cahan and Associates, and that even though he has created some visually stunning posters, he values the process of coming up with them more than the final. (Sound right up our alley)

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